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Take Me Out to the Ballgame


“He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.” -Psalm 145:19


            FCA school huddles are a great way to encourage, fellowship and grow in faith.  As our school huddles in Rockbridge County wrap up for the school year and start focusing on summer camp, I want to thank all the athletes, student leaders and huddle coaches for their hard work and dedication.  This has been a fantastic year for our huddles.          

            As I reflect upon the school year, I am reminded how Team Huddles are special.  It is where one team can come together for a common purpose both on the field and off the field.  It is where teammates see that their bond goes beyond their sport but in their hearts and souls.  If they are so special and valuable, how do we get started?  All it takes is the desire of one athlete.

            Last year a freshman baseball player at Washington and Lee University (WLU), named Carson, wanted to be involved with FCA but the baseball schedule prevented him from attending the huddle meetings.  He reached out to the WLU FCA huddle student leader who contacted me.  Our solution, start an FCA baseball huddle.  The team huddle allowed us to work around the baseball schedule for our huddle time.  In addition to the huddle time, before each game I give the team a challenge and we circle up in prayer.  What a great group of young men.  They have become very special to me and I have learned a lot from them.

Several sports are mentioned in the Bible like boxing, running and wrestling.  Football is the most popular sport so it is used for many examples.  I have come to learn that baseball is the sport that has the most spiritual examples.  

For example, God has given us his strike zone by revealing the Ten Commandments to Moses which Jesus boiled down to two, love the Lord your God and love your neighbor.  When we are called up to bat, even the best batter falls short and can only hit .350.  Does God give up on us?  No just like an MLB player who bats .350 is put in the Hall of Fame, God takes a sinner who falls short and allows them to come home (heaven).  But how do we come home?  I am sitting on third, stealing home is impossible.  To get you home will take a sacrifice fly deep into the outfield.  With Jesus at bat, He is willing to make the sacrifice (the cross) at the expense of His batting average to get you home.  And as you tag up and head home, Jesus is waiting to greet you! 

So take the initiative, join a Team Huddle and if you don’t have one take the initiative like Carson and start one.  You and your team will never be the same! 


Rockbridge Huddles

Parry McCluer High School

Huddle Coach: Danny Cole

Meetings: Friday 9:15 am Mr. Coles Room

Parry McCluer Middle School 

Huddle Coach: Val MacInnis

Meetings: Monday 7:30 am BV Presbyterian Church

Lylburn Downing Middle School 

Huddle Coach: James Fields

Meetings: Wednesday 3:10 pm Cafetorium

Rockbridge County High School

Huddle Coach: Andy Coffey

Meetings: Thursday 7:45 am Room A4

Maury River Middle School

Huddle Coach: Tonya Fontenot, Penni Allen, Angie Armstrong

Meetings: Tuesday 7:45 am Mrs. Fontenot Room

Virginia Military Institute

 Huddle Coach: Lou Preysz III

Meetings: Monday 2000 hrs. Upper Crozet

Washington & Lee University 

Huddle Coach: Brandon Uhl

Meetings: Monday 6 pm  Doremus Rm 500

Washington & Lee University Baseball Team Huddle 

Meetings: Fridays 7:00 pm Fieldhouse Classroom

University Coaches Huddle

Huddle Coach: Rolf Piranian

Meetings: Friday 8:30 am  Blue Sky CafĂ© basement


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