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2016 FCA Annual Golf Marathon

He did it again!  How can we say thank you Joe Sherrill for breaking your own record and holding onto your title!  He really did it folks!  He would say it isn't him just some really great people who support FCA when he calls.  He had set his own goal to break and what a year to accomplish your goal of over $10,000 pledged to our local FCA.   Congratulations Joe on breaking your own record and ours.  Thank you to all those who supported our golfers this year.   You, our supporters, gave $20,562.00 to our 9th Annual Golf Marathon.  


Our own Danny Morgan "The Iron Man" held the title of an amazing 440 holes last year.  He wasn't able to be with us this year but for a very short part of the day.  He still met his goal for his sponsors and for hitting the necessary holes set by every golfer.  This photo may give away your trick Danny.  Do you hit with both hands at the same time?  Thank you again Danny for another year of support.  


It was a great day together with fellow golfers.  Most of the guys were out early.  These three (L to R) Coltan Hoke, Ken Gorby and Greg Jewett may have had too much coffee and were already "three-stooging".  The guys had a great breakfast provided by "Gateway Cafe".  All vying for their pick at some wonderful prizes.

Joe-Golf Marathon


Pastor Joe Sherrill, still holding the title as "King of the Hill" brought in a whopping $10,000+ in sponsors this year.  

Our Annual FCA Golf Marathon is on the books.  What an amazing day watching a great group of guys from around our area come out and knock that white ball around for the sake of local students, huddles and FCA events.  We are so grateful for so many who donated to this event and pray that God will use each and every cent to bring glory to the kingdom.   This Marathon is one of our two larger fund-raising events for the year allowing us to continue to sponsor local huddles and many FCA student events throughout the year.  Many of the golfers come out at 6:30 and do not stop until 5:00 in the evening.  It may seem like just a day of golf, but these guys don't slow down.

After each guy striving to reach their holes hit goals, they joined up for a round of "Captains Choice".  The guys in purple, (L to R) Wes Allred and Glenn Wright, looked like they were ready for the Ryder Cup with coordinating uniform.  Let me tell you they don't hit too bad either.  You can see just a glimpse of Joe Sherrill and his seriousness to meet his shot goal as well as reaching his sponsor goals.  You will notice Danny Morgan's intricate layout so that he might hit as many holes as possible.  These guys are a great group to spend the day with golfing.  Come out next year and join us.  Contact us and we will put you on the list and update you as the times draws closer.